The Cloud’s Flight

‘Pittar-pattar’ the rain drops fall,From the clouds, its journey small,towards the earth, smelling fresh.It falls on the moor beyond that lifeless streamwhere darker shadows loom in moonlight beams. The drops form the pond,Smaller, bigger; growing in bondFalling in pit with each other,Unity’s armour they donned.Dark clouds gather above, they grow in size,After joining one another,… Continue reading The Cloud’s Flight


The sky opened up, the clouds parted, the first drops of drizzle it departed. The leaves stood still, the lake calm, in mourn had it still if it knew about, the cloud’s tears, the upcoming storm. The trees sigh in relief, ‘pittar-patter’ it speaks, its language so sweet. Stems so joyous, the otherwise dusty leaves,… Continue reading Homeward