You should have a Wife?

When I was happy without any strife,when I had no qualms with life.Then it was deemed by people to advise,"Boy, you should have a wife!" I search for joy and for truth,and go for adventures in my youth.And yet it was deemed by them to be so rife,so people told me to have a wife.… Continue reading You should have a Wife?

His sweetheart’s wedding

A poem told in the third perspective. A man and a woman loved each other but the woman then suddenly leaves to get married to someone else, leaving the man heartbroken, in despair and alone, breaking all the vows she made with him in the process. The woman thus, without hesitation, marries someone else as if the man did not matter, without any qualms for what she was doing.


Finally completed...... I sit dazed in the sunlight, And in the moonlight, ablaze, I weep, quietly coursing the night. Never had I found before, This feeling of love so much, Like a long lost boat, making, finally to the shore. She was like a silvery dream, In the mind when I closed my eyes, Wherever… Continue reading Wife