Upon that bench alone he sits, along with him sits a few misfits. Heartache and pain, coupled with unbounded love infused in his every grain. Twisting & turning, they take him about, onto a journey riddled with doubt. He knows not where, which way to turn, to rid himself of these incineration and burns. Memories… Continue reading Waiting

I miss you then

Whenever newer events arise, I miss you silently in disguise. Disguise of an empty smile, sometimes crooked, mindless all the while. When I wake to the chirping sounds, outside my window, all around. Breaking away from your dreams All I long then is to hear, your soft whispers in my ear, your gentle coaxing for… Continue reading I miss you then


I wrote this some time back. Though the situation is very different now, the feeling was worth writing about.   A warm summer's sweet delight, closer, looking in her eyes, sitting huddled in the sand, beside the tides, earth's heaving sighs. Passions high, entangled limbs, kisses balmier than a rose's lips. Sunset, dusk and moonlit… Continue reading Embrace

Beside the Styx

Hey! Hello everyone. I wrote this piece a while back. Upon reading you may find it to be a blend of greek and christian mythology. It just sort of popped into my mind, and believe you me, I made the story as the poem progressed. Enjoy reading! 🙂 I saw it in her eyes again,… Continue reading Beside the Styx

To Bloom

In the darkness, in the night, A flower of feeble might. Stands alone upon a twig, Beneath the moon pearly bright. Yearning for a few drops of rain, To find a flower to stand beside, And stand beside, together Extinguishing both their pain. In the drier days and lonesome nights, when the flower was about… Continue reading To Bloom

Love signs – Cap & Virgo

The following abstract is taken directly from the famous book of Linda Goodman's Love Signs and is dedicated to My virgo.... sharing this while sitting in my office due to overwhelming feeling of how much I am missing her, she's on a trip right now. So here goes......the bold parts I found to be really… Continue reading Love signs – Cap & Virgo


Finally completed...... I sit dazed in the sunlight, And in the moonlight, ablaze, I weep, quietly coursing the night. Never had I found before, This feeling of love so much, Like a long lost boat, making, finally to the shore. She was like a silvery dream, In the mind when I closed my eyes, Wherever… Continue reading Wife


The sky opened up, the clouds parted, the first drops of drizzle it departed. The leaves stood still, the lake calm, in mourn had it still if it knew about, the cloud’s tears, the upcoming storm. The trees sigh in relief, ‘pittar-patter’ it speaks, its language so sweet. Stems so joyous, the otherwise dusty leaves,… Continue reading Homeward