The One Minute Manager – A Book Review

Will this be fit for your organization? Is this simple and sound technique for management in your company?
Check it out.

Literary Expeditions

“We are not Just our Behaviour. We are the person managing our Behaviour”

GENRE: Business
AUTHOR: Kenneth Blanchard, Ph. D. and Spencer Johnson, M.D.

More often than not we experience dissatisfaction in our workplace. We observe the same phenomenon happening with a lot of people around us – our colleagues, friends, relatives. Mostly they are frustrated with their manager while some are managers who are frustrated with their subordinates. This is the most common complaint that we hear from people and may experience ourselves in an organization. But What is the reason behind this? Is there no way out? If yes, then what? Can productivity be increased? If yes, then how? Is there a way for us or the people we are managing to enjoy the work along with the increase in productivity? What is the answer to these questions?

This book is…

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