When you are happy to sit through,
alone among lots of friends, fake.
And you don’t feel the need,
to depend for depending’s sake.

When all your expectations are turned to dust,
yet to feel you incurred no loss.
It takes no toll to sit with comfort,
to ponder upon expectation’s cause.

When you are met with disdainful looks,
From all around by hostile eyes.
And you agree to let it be,
notice how blissfully time flies.

When you are left to fend for yourself,
in every trouble that comes your way.
Make your efforts just the double,
to learn your worth, to be unafraid.

And when the time comes at the last,
when other’s crumble beneath the weight.
You remain elate and sturdy, unbowed,
and in the smouldering eyes of trouble,
you will sit up, unflinching and look straight.

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