I do not know how to gain more followers,

it seems I am just a toddler in this world of blogging.

Any suggestions?

8 thoughts on “how?”

  1. Hey!
    Not that I’m an expert, but during my short stint at blogging, I’ve come to realise that running after numbers is never fruitful for writers. I suggest putting across honest work, interacting with people who like and comment on your post and visiting blogs of other bloggers that pique your interest, drop a comment if you like your work. Gradually, you’ll build up a following. Put yourself out there, people will definitely flock soon!
    I hope this helps. 🙂

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    1. First of all I apologise for my late reply.
      Thank you very much Varnika. It is VERY VERY helpful. I will try to follow this to the best of my ability. I really appreciate it. As you can see from my replying to you at this time that I am very inconsistent in even opening wordpress given my tight and extremely busy schedule (seriously, you wouldn’t believe it if I tell you my schedule but there is currently nothing I can do about it). I really love that you took the time to write this suggestion in order to help me and rest assured I will try to follow it as best as I can. I really appreciate it.


      1. Hi! There is absolutely no need to apologise. Most bloggers have demanding full time jobs alongside their blog and this problem is faced by almost the entire community. Some have taken to posting only weekly or monthly to cure this. What I’ve seen some people do is that they limit themselves to a schedule, say a single post every fifteen days. This way, there is no immediate pressure to maintain the blog and your readers will also know when to expect a post from you. So, they’ll come visiting your blog every fifteen days which is why a schedule helps. You can decide the time period as per your convenience. At the end of the day, it’s your blog. Run it your way! You’re not obligated to respond immediately or fall victim to peer pressure. Let it be something you enjoy doing and not become something that you have to do. Your blog will grow organically with people who genuinely appreciate your work. So, don’t worry at all! Even late replies will get notified to people who’ve posted the comment 😉. I wish you all the very best!

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        1. Hello! Thank you so much. Yes indeed it is a problem faced by many bloggers. Me however, I miss the days when I was working. Ironically those were the times I was more free comparatively. But then the decision to complete the post graduation have led me to a time table that not only demands all 7 days of the week but also saps most of my energy.
          But Varnika, your comment is really very valuable to me and I am so happy and obliged that you understood and wrote back the suggestions to me. Your suggestions shows clarity of your views about blogging and I am glad I met you here.


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